We are excited about the future!

Omni Kids Tri is a new 501(c)(3) organization in Huntsville, AL, dedicated to fostering character development in children through participation in triathlon.  We are building a community of athletes, coaches and volunteers from every neighborhood, background, and social status.

Our focus is on running a life well lived.  Triathlon is a discipline that requires training and commitment.  It is waking up early, staying focused on the goal, giving every ounce of effort. Suffering through the struggle of triathlon produces a strengthening of character, endurance and grit.  These are the elements we wish to foster in youth to develop a character for the rest of their lives.  And through that character, hope in a future that does not disappoint.

Please check back often for updates, or reach out through our contact page to be involved in this exciting movement.

We are committed to teaching important skills and principles to athletes that will impact their entire lives.
Kids gain confidence in their abilities while they increase proficiency in areas that previously limited their athletic performance.
Year-round competitions encourage the kids who join Omni Kids Tri to put their best foot forward and build priceless amounts of self-confidence.

Help Kids run their race!

Omni Kids Tri is focused on creating opportunities for all kids to access triathlon.  We ask that you join us in our commitment to teach youth, through triathlon, important skills and principles that will impact their entire lives.

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