Omni Kids Tri host many youth triathlon and multisport event during the year to give athlete venues to compete & dare greatly. 

• NEW for 2021 •

This is a swim and run event geared for athletes 12 and under. There are four division to chose to the best distance & swimming proficiency.

• Coming in 2021 •

Fun Size Tri is a sample sized triathlon were kids can get a taste of what the world of multispoirt is like. 


Youth triathlon for ages 14 and under in the Blossomwood neighborhood of Huntsville, AL 


Alabama’s only open water swim, youth triathlo heald at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center’s Aviation Challege.

Omni Kids Tri offers a limited number of scholarships. A committee of Omni Kids Tri board members will award scholarships based on the following criteria: Financial Need, Interest and Involvement in extracurricular activities, Potential for growth and development through Omni Kids Tri experience, Space availability.