Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a community of youth athletes, coaches and volunteers to enrich lives through triathlon.

Our Vision

We are committed to teaching important skills and principles to athletes that will impact their entire lives. The multi-faceted nature of triathlon serves as the perfect classroom to teach the importance of having good character, a healthy lifestyle and supportive relationships.

We aspire to go beyond swim, bike, run and impact and enrich the lives around us.

Omni Kids Tri is focused on creating opportunities for all kids to access triathlon.  We are grateful to have a Board of Directors who are committed to guiding our efforts forward.

Our Core Values


Our Creed

I believe that I only have one life and one body. I must be a good steward of my life and commit myself to a healthy lifestyle.

I believe in integrity because I must be honest with myself and with others.

I believe in respect because how I treat myself and others is a reflection on how I value my life and the world around me.

I believe in perseverance in all that I seek to accomplish because tenacity and grit builds character.

I believe in myself. With moxie and determination I can dare to dream big dreams and accomplish what seems impossible.

I believe in building strong relationships because humans are more precious than worldly possessions.

I believe that effort is more than accomplishment and victory is simply gained by daring greatly.

Omni Kids Tri offers a limited number of scholarships. A committee of Omni Kids Tri board members will award scholarships based on the following criteria: Financial Need, Interest and Involvement in extracurricular activities, Potential for growth and development through Omni Kids Tri experience, Space availability.