Training and participation in multisport events teaches perseverance, confidence, diligence and commitment. The kids who will join the Omni Kids Spring Tri Training group will not only learn how to swim in a triathlon setting (which is very different from swim team swimming), they will gain confidence in their abilities while they increase proficiency in areas that previously limited their athletic performance. We will work on the skills needed, not only for multisport events, but also for successful adult life: showing up prepared, transitioning from one area of focus to another one effectively, as well as running and swimming form/efficiency while also increasing physical strength and endurance.

The areas of training will be HIGHLY dependent on what children are selected for the program and their needs. The program will be built around the individual and collective limiters to potential for the team members. For most kids the goals of personal organization and conscious aforethought along with socialization in a team setting are areas of key focus. Beyond that, increasing physical coordination, proprioception. (Proprioception is the perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body. Do your kids knock things over and they don’t even know how they did it? That’s a lack of proprioception!) Triathlon training can, and will, improve that ability!

Spring training will include, but will not be limited to the following:

Swimming – learning to swim and increasing efficiency in triathlon swimming

Running – learning good running form, increasing endurance and speed, stretching and strengthening the body in order to run more efficiently

Transition training – showing up to training (and life) prepared for the required tasks, how to quickly and efficiently transition from one activity to another, how to manage and organize a given space, economy of movement, planning/thinking ahead

Strength training – body weight strength training

Bike training will be added to the programming in the summer. We will work on bike handling skills along with mounting/dismounting, endurance and speed.

Omni Kids Tri offers a limited number of scholarships. A committee of Omni Kids Tri board members will award scholarships based on the following criteria: Financial Need, Interest and Involvement in extracurricular activities, Potential for growth and development through Omni Kids Tri experience, Space availability.